6ft. Rectangle Folding Plastic Table


With its spacious 72" length, this table provides ample room for serving food, setting up games, or accommodating a group of 8 guests comfortably. Whether you're laying out a buffet or arranging bingo cards, you'll be happy with how much it can hold. 

This weather-resistant table is an excellent choice for hosting a variety of outdoor gatherings, including backyard parties, BBQs, or even bingo nights at the church. The table's smooth surface makes it easy to wipe down, ensuring a quick and hassle-free post-event clean up.

The table's foldable design makes it a snap to set up, but of course you can choose the set-up option and we'll do all the hard work.

Dimensions: 6'L x 2.5'W x 30"H

Seating: 6-8

Please note: While this table offers excellent durability, it is lighter than traditional wood tables. However, this table can easily resist rainwater better then a wood table. Consider the specific needs of your event when making your choice. Is the event inside or outside? Is there a possibility for rain or snow?