Putting the Planet First: Our Green Initiatives

We're all about being eco-conscious in everything we do, from how we make our products to how we run our day-to-day operations. When you choose to do business with us, you're not just renting a product; you're supporting green initiatives. Here's a quick peek at how we're doing our part for the environment:

  1. Forest Friendly: All our wood tables are made from responsibly sourced wood, and we take pride in our eco-conscious practices.  
  2. Eco-Friendly Linens: We've ditched the regular White Standard Poly and gone for Eco-Polyester linens. They're a greener option, using way less energy (52.6% less!) and emitting fewer CO2 emissions (54.6% less) during production.
  3. Solar-Powered Laundry: Our laundry facilities? Powered entirely by the sun. Yep, we're soaking up that solar energy to keep things clean.
  4. LED Lights: We upgraded all our lights to super-efficient LED ones. Plus, they're on motion sensors, so they only light up when needed.
  5. Paperless Push: We're on a mission to go paperless in the office. Anything paper we do use, we make sure to recycle.
  6. Heat Reclamation: And to top it off, we've got a fancy heat reclamation system. It helps us preheat the water for our laundry, saving energy along the way.

...And it doesn't stop there, we are working on some big changes in the future that will really help the environment.

By choosing our products and services, you're not only enhancing your event but also making a positive impact on the environment.


Made in America

Celebrating with American Spirit: Why We Choose "Made in America"

Whenever we are given the opportunity to buy American Goods from an American company we do regardless of the cost. Because at Rentals By George, we're not just in the business of renting party essentials; we're in the business of crafting unforgettable memories. And for us, those memories come woven with the rich tapestry of American craftsmanship.

Choosing "Made in America" isn't just a buzzword, it's a conscious, deliberate decision about quality, honed through generations of skilled hands. Our farm tables, for instance, boast the warmth of American hardwoods, meticulously shaped by Amish workshops into sturdy tables and rustic chairs. Each piece has a story of an American worker's dedication, bearing the mark of true artisanry. The clinking glasses in your hand? They may well be the handiwork of American glassblowers, their artistry captured in every exquisite curve and vibrant hue.

But "Made in America" goes beyond aesthetics. It's about the heartbeat of communities, the lifeblood of local businesses. Every party table rented, every hand-stitched linen used, ripples outwards, supporting American families and fueling local economies. It's the carpenter raising his children with pride, knowing his craft graces joyous gatherings. It's the seamstress seeing her meticulously sewn tablecloth adorning a wedding feast, a silent testament to her skill and care.

And then there's sustainability for a greener future. By choosing American-made, we minimize the environmental footprint of long-distance shipping, opting instead for shorter, often carbon-neutral transportation. We champion responsible sourcing, using locally manufactured materials whenever possible. It's a small step in the right direction.

So, when you raise a glass at your next event, know that it's not just a toast to your celebration; it's a salute to the American spirit. It's the clinking of a shared vision, a commitment to quality, community, and a more sustainable world.

At Rentals by George, we're proud to be more than just party rentals; we're ambassadors of American ingenuity, weaving its essence into every special occasion we help create.

Image by: Freepik