Our collection of wood or plastic tabletop tables offers a perfect balance of durability, functionality, and ease of use to meet your event planning needs.

6ft. Rectangle Folding Plastic Table

With its spacious 72" length, this table provides ample room for serving food, setting up games, or accommodating ...

6ft. Rectangle Wood Banquet Table

This commercially rated table is the ultimate multitasker, ready to rent out as your dinner table, buffet tab ...

60in Round Wood Table

Round tables foster a sense of closeness among guests, encouraging easy and natural conversation. Whether you're h ...

Bistro Table (30in. Round and 30in. High)

Characterized by its intimate and casual style, our Bistro Table is designed to create a warm and relaxed atmosphe ...

Cocktail Table (30in. Round and 42in. High)

Sometimes, the best memories are created while you're standing. Our cocktail table, (also known as a hightop table ...