Mini Floral Centerpieces, 9-count


Elevate any table or space with our collection of Mini Floral Centerpieces, carefully curated with the freshest selection of seasonally available flowers nestled in simple decorative pots delivered to your door step. These Mini Centerpieces are sourced directly from our partner farm.

Box Includes:

  • 9 Mini Arrangements, with
  • 15 Stems Per Arrangement
  • Grower's choice

Ideal for a variety of settings including weddings, banquet halls, reception areas, and fundraising events. These Centerpieces also offers versatility and charm for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and doctor's offices. 

Our Mini Arrangements are crafted based on the grower's choice and are tailored to showcase the best of seasonally available flowers. Please select a delivery address where the flowers can be cared for immediately upon arrival.

If you're preparing for an event, rest assured that many of our flowers are shipped in bud form, ensuring freshness upon arrival. To witness the full bloom of your flowers, we recommend ordering them to arrive 2-3 days before your event, allowing ample time for them to flourish.

Should your flowers appear thirsty upon arrival, fret not! Simply follow the included care and handling instructions to hydrate your blooms properly. After receiving a refreshing drink of water, your flowers will blossom beautifully, exuding vibrancy and fullness. The images of flowers displayed on our site are captured after three days of hydration, offering a glimpse of their radiant beauty.